Tsql – Insert hex string value to sql server image field is appending extra 0

binary, sql-server-2008, tsql

Have an image field and want to insert into this from a hex string:

insert into imageTable(imageField) values(convert(image, 0x3C3F78...))

however when I run select the value is return with an extra 0 as 0x03C3F78…

This extra 0 is causing a problem in another application, I dont want it.

How to stop the extra 0 being added?

The schema is:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[templates](    [templateId] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,    [templateName] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,    [templateBody] [image] NOT NULL,    [templateType] [int] NULL)

and the query is:

insert into templates(templateName, templateBody, templateType) values('I love stackoverflow', convert(image, 0x3C3F786D6C2076657273696F6E3D.......), 2)

the actual hex string is quite large to post here.

Best Solution

I have just had similar problem and I blame myself.

It is possible, that you copy just part of data you need. In my case, I added '0' to the end of the blob.

The cause of this could be copying the value from SQL Management Studio to clipboard.

insert into imageTable(imageField) values(0x3C3F78...A)

Select returned: 0x03C3F78...

insert into imageTable(imageField) values(0x3C3F78...A 0 )

Select returned: 0x3C3F78...

I hope this will help.

Best wishes.