Sublime Text Plugin: Disable horizontal scrolling and also don’t word wrap

sublimetext, sublimetext2

I like to have as many Sublime Text windows side by side as possible, so I disable the gutter and line numbers and all that so the windows are exactly 80 characters wide. But then Sublime Text insists on scrolling horizontally a bit, past column 80. That's especially annoying when using two-finger scroll with a trackpad as I'm constantly having to nudge the view back to the left.

I can enable word_wrap and that disables the horizontal scroll, which would be great except, even with wrap_width, I can't make wrapping happen only after column 80. If wrap_width is greater than or equal to the window width it insists on wrapping at slightly less than the window width, which is exactly 80 characters.

Assuming I'm correct that the standard settings don't let me simultaneously disable horizontal scrolling and word wrap, is this possible via the plugin API?

Best Solution

I had the same problem and the only solution I could find is to manually focus each window then View > Word Wrap Column > Automatic. This will fix the issue but it must be done for each window you're using individually. Taking the extra 30 seconds to do this manually saves me much more time over the course of the day. I wish we could fix it through preferences/settings but it doesn't appear so in ST2.