Sql – n easy method of process mapping a complex SSIS package so I can print it out

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I have taken ownership of a very complex SSIS package with multiple files and routes. Is there an easy method of process mapping the whole process automagically so I can print it out and understand it?

Edit: Added a screenshot of an example SSIS package that I need to map.

IMAGE 1 http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8962/examplessis.jpg

Cheers, Ian.

Best Solution

You'll have your reasons for wanting to do this, but, for me, SSIS pacakges should be largely self documenting.

Its not like a standard code module that has many lines of code, functions, and paths through, etc. The IDE is inherently visual/WYSIWYG, so I'm not entirely sure what your documentation needs are.

That said, clearly its enough of a pain for you to post here for suggestions. Is there any chance you could provide more info, even a screenshot/link to see what we're dealing with.

I certainly curious :)