R – Tool for displaying binary decision tree

.net, binary-tree, data-visualization, xml

The system I'm currently working on involves the creation of binary decision trees. Lots of them. Some of them are stored in XML format so they can be analyzed manually if needed.

The tree structure is basically nested <NODE> tags. Each node may also have a few child tags defining the properties of the node.

What I would like to do is display the trees graphically. Vertically or horizontally does not matter but I would like to use a geometrically tree-shaped layout e.g. like this:

alt text

…rather than the layout commonly used in file system browsers, which isn't the best way to display binary trees.

Is there a .NET based library or, alternatively, a stand-alone tool which does this well?

Best Solution

Have you looked at Graphviz ? There are some language bindings for .Net (see resources), and it can output in a variety of formats (so you can view using SVG/HTML/Flex, standalone viewers etc.)