R – Moving SharePoint MOSS Install

moss, sharepoint

I have a sharepoint MOSS 2007 Install on a server and need to move it to another new server. Can I just ghost the complete server to the new one or do I need to install and configure the complete server again?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Best Solution

As far as I know you will have to reinstall MOSS on the new server as during the configuration process many settings form the acutal server are stored to the MOSS configuration database. So just moving the MOSS software and database won't work. Even just renaming the server on which MOSS is running will probably lead to a MOSS error.

To make it easy to move MOSS to another server in the future you should think about visualization. By this you can move the server to every server you want just by installing the visualization software and moving the virtual machine to the new host server. This strategy will also help you in case of emergency when the MOSS server crashes due to a hardware error.