R – Getting ID of newly added item into Sharepoint List from Silverlight

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I am adding item into Sharepoint List from the Silverlight Application using Sharepoint' list.asmx web service. I need to know the ID of this newly created item. The UpdateListItemsCompleted's e.Result (XElement) is returned having the following XML fragment. How can I extract the ID of this item. I am not good in XLinq!

<Results xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/">
<Result ID="1,New">
<ID />
ows_ContentType="Item" ows_Title="My Test Entry From Silverlight"
ows_Modified="2009-12-23 14:53:55" ows_Created="2009-12-23 14:53:55"
ows_Author="3;#Khurram Aziz" ows_Editor="3;#Khurram Aziz"

Best Solution

Edit: I read the XML too hastily..


           e.Result.Elements()                    .Where(c => c.Name.LocalName == "Result").First().Elements()                        .Where(c => element.Name.LocalName == "row").First().Attribute("ows_ID").Value;