Python – AttributeError:’Tensor’ object has no attribute ‘_keras_history’

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Aux_input = Input(shape=(wrd_temp.shape[1],1), dtype='float32')#shape (,200)Main_input = Input(shape=(wrdvec.shape[1],),dtype='float32')#shape(,367)X = Bidirectional(LSTM(20,return_sequences=True))(Aux_input)X = Dropout(0.2)(X)X = Bidirectional(LSTM(28,return_sequences=True))(X)X = Dropout(0.2)(X)X = Bidirectional(LSTM(28,return_sequences=False))(X)Aux_Output = Dense(Opt_train.shape[1], activation= 'softmax' )(X)#total 22 classesx = keras.layers.concatenate([Main_input,Aux_Output],axis=1)x = tf.reshape(x,[1,389,1])#here 389 is the shape of the new input i.e.(Main_input+Aux_Output)x = Bidirectional(LSTM(20,return_sequences=True))(x)x = Dropout(0.2)(x)x = Bidirectional(LSTM(28,return_sequences=True))(x)x = Dropout(0.2)(x)x = Bidirectional(LSTM(28,return_sequences=False))(x)Main_Output = Dense(Opt_train.shape[1], activation= 'softmax' )(x)model = Model(inputs=[Aux_input,Main_input], outputs=    [Aux_Output,Main_Output])

Error occurs in line declaring the model i.e. model = Model(), here the attribute error has occurred, Also if there is any other mistake in my implementation please do take a not and notify me in the comment section.

Best Solution

The problem lied in the fact that using every tf operation should be encapsulated by either:

  1. Using keras.backend functions,
  2. Lambda layers,
  3. Designated keras functions with the same behavior.

When you are using tf operation - you are getting tf tensor object which doesn't have history field. When you use keras functions you will get keras.tensors.