Php fopen , str_replace

fopen, php, str-replace

I need to open a file , replace some content( 12345 with 77348) and save it. As far I have

$cookie_file_path=$path."/cookies/shipping-cookie".$unique; $handle = fopen($cookie_file_path, "r+");$cookie_file_path = str_replace("12345", "77348", $cookie_file_path);


However it doesn't seem to work …. I would appreciate any help!

Best Solution

Nowhere in your code do you access the content of your file. If you are using PHP 5, you can use something like the following:

$cookie_file_path = $path . '/cookies/shipping-cookie' . $unique;$content = file_get_contents($cookie_file_path);$content = str_replace('12345', '77348', $content);file_put_contents($cookie_file_path, $content);

If you are on PHP 4, you will need to use a combination of fopen(), fwrite(), and fclose() in order to get the same effect as file_put_contents(). However, this should give you a good start.