Node.js – Using ember.js with node.js + express.js

ember.js, express, node.js

After years of PHP/MySQL development on the server-side, I'm trying to explore new technologies for building modern web applications.

I'm trying to make an order between all the JavaScript stuff and, if I have understood well, a valid solution can be node.js on the server-side, express.js to handle routing and, for example, ember.js and/or knockout.js to handle client-side with MVC/MVVM, binding, observers. Is it a valid architecture?

Best Solution

I built a pretty straightfoward website at the following github location

It uses node for the server side and ember for the clientside. It is also using for it's data and api layer. But, the general idea should all be layed out for you there, including what I feel is a pretty solid folder and file structure.

Let me know if you have any questions. I came from an ASP.NET background, and have just completely fallen in love with client-side MVC.