Mysql – How to find duplicate rows based on multiple fields in MySQL?

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In a MySQL database I have many rows. For example:

id | title   | time  | domain32   title1    12:30   domain1.com33   title1    12:30   domain2.com34   title2    14:20   domain1.com35   title3    14:30   domain2.com36   title1    12:30

How am I able to select rows from a database based on only title and time? Duplicate domains or ID's are not of concern, only the other two fields.

I want to be able to retrieve rows 32, 33 and 36 because they have identical titles and identical times.

I don't want to have to put in a title or time, I want the query to return all fields where there's a "duplicate" match found on these two fields whether that be only two or 50. That way I can go through and edit or delete some of the duplicates.

Best Solution

Here is what you want

SELECT title, time    FROM tableGROUP BY title, time  HAVING count(*) > 1