Mongodb – how to restore a collection or collections in mongodb from an archive file

mongodb, mongodump, mongorestore

I have created a dump in an archive file by the following command :

mongodump --archive=newcollection.1.archive --db neel --collection newcollection

While restoring with the mongorestore i am getting an error :the –db and –collection args should only be used when restoring from a BSON file.

I got the syntax from [][1] .

I fired the following command :

mongorestore --archive=newcollection.1.archive  --db backup2.

Best Solution

use --nsFrom and --nsTo

see example :

mongodump -h --db source_db_name --gzip --archive | mongorestore --drop -vvvvvv -h --nsFrom source_db_name.collection_name --nsTo destination_db_name.* --gzip --archive

the format for nsFrom and nsTo is database_name.collection_name, and you can use wildcards ( like i did for destination_db_name.* ) for the same

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