Magento – Remove First Name, Last Name and confirm password fields in account create page

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I searched a lot to remove required fields like first name, Last name and confirm passwordfields in account create page.
So far i renamed required value from 1 to 0 from the table eav_attribute

After this i hided first name, Last Name, Confirm Password from register.phtml

But still i'm getting
The first name cannot be empty, The Last name cannot be empty, etc,..

Did any one know how to do this ?

Please give me a idea to solve this..

Best Solution

You have to change two more files:

Change /js/prototype/validation.js and comment out the following lines:

['validate-cpassword', 'Please make sure your passwords match.', function(v) {                var conf = $('confirmation') ? $('confirmation') : $$('.validate-cpassword')[0];                var pass = false;                if ($('password')) {                    pass = $('password');                }                var passwordElements = $$('.validate-password');                for (var i = 0; i < passwordElements.size(); i++) {                    var passwordElement = passwordElements[i];                    if (passwordElement.up('form').id == conf.up('form').id) {                        pass = passwordElement;                    }                }                if ($$('.validate-admin-password').size()) {                    pass = $$('.validate-admin-password')[0];                }                return (pass.value == conf.value);            }],

After that, you also have to change the Magento Customer Core model. There are two types of validation: through the front-end javascript and in the backend Customer model.Rewrite the model with your own customer module. Then copy the validate() public function. And comment out the following lines:

$confirmation = $this->getConfirmation();        if ($password != $confirmation) {            $errors[] = Mage::helper('customer')->__('Please make sure your passwords match.');        }