Jquery – How to change sweetalert button text

jquery, sweetalert

I want to change the 'Ok' button with 'Select patient' and the 'Cancel' to 'Speed case'. How can I do that?

swal({  text: "Start new case by",  buttons: true,  confirmButtonText: "Select Patient?",  cancelButtonText: "Speed Case?",      });

Best Solution

here is the answer

 swal({            title: "Are you sure?",            text: "you want to Cancel Operation!",            type: "warning",            showCancelButton: true,            confirmButtonColor: '#DD6B55',            confirmButtonText: 'Yes, I am sure!',            cancelButtonText: "No, cancel it!",            closeOnConfirm: false,            closeOnCancel: false        },

hope it will work for you