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I have this code:

    $(".testing").sortable({        helper: fixHelper,        containment:$("testing").parent(),        start:function(){            if($(event.target).hasClass("test")){                alert("hello");            }            if($(this).hasClass("test")){                alert("hello");            }        }}); 

I am trying to make a table sortable. However the first table row and the last table row I do not want to be sortable. So I was thinking was to just cancel the event if it was the first row or the last row. However, when I alert the event.target it is telling me that it is the element that is set to the sortable container. How can I actually get the element that was sent to the event. Also does any one know how to cancel the event? is it just return false or event.preventDefault() ?

Best Solution

You can access a widgets elements with the second argument of the callback.

start: function (event, ui){  var helper=$(ui.helper);}


In response to your comment:

Are you saying you want some of the elements in the list to not be draggable?

You should this preference in the options

$('someElement').sortable({  items: '.test',  //other sortable options});