Javascript – Self-signed certs — helping users know they need to add root CA to trusted cert store

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I have a desktop product which uses an embedded webserver which will use self-signed certs.

Is there something that I can put in a web page that would detect that they haven't added the root CA to their trusted list, and display a link or DIV or something directing them how to do it?

I'm thinking maybe a DIV that has instructions on install the CA, and a Javascript that runs some test (tries to access something without internal warnings??), and hides the DIV if the test succeeds. Or something like that…

Any ideas from the brilliant SO community ? 🙂

Best Solution

Why do you want to do this? It is a bad idea to train users to indiscriminately install root CA certificates just because a web site tells them to. You are undermining the entire chain of trust. A security conscious user would ignore your advice to install the certificate, and might conclude that you are not taking security seriously since you did not bother to acquire a certificate from an existing CA.

Do you really need HTTPS? If so, you should probably bite the bullet and make a deal with a CA to facilitate providing your customers with proper CA signed server certificates. If the web server is only used for local connections from the desktop app, you should either add the self-signed certificate to the trusted list as part of the installation process, or switch to HTTP instead.