Javascript – JSON.stringify and unicode characters

javascript, json

I have to send characters like ü to the server as unicode character but as a string. So it must be \u00fc (6 characters) not the character itself. But after JSON.stringify it always gets ü regardless of what I've done with it.

If I use 2 backslashes like \\u00fc then I get 2 in the JSON string as well and that's not good either.

Any trick to avoid this? It's very annoying.

Ok, I forgot: I can't modify the string after JSON.stringify, it's part of the framework without workaround and we don't want to fork the whole package.

Best Solution

If, for some reason, you want your JSON to be ASCII-safe, replace non-ascii characters after json encoding:

var obj = {"key":"füßchen", "some": [1,2,3]}var json = JSON.stringify(obj)json  = json.replace(/[\u007F-\uFFFF]/g, function(chr) {    return "\\u" + ("0000" + chr.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)).substr(-4)})document.write(json);document.write("<br>");document.write(JSON.parse(json));