Javascript – How to pass a parameter in a Javascript confirm function

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I have something like that in my code:

<?php foreach($clients as $client): ?>    <tr class="tableContent">        <td onclick="location.href='<?php echo site_url('clients/edit/'.$client->id ) ?>'"><?php echo $client->id ?></td>        <td>            <a class='Right btn btn-danger' onClick="ConfirmMessage('client', <?php $client->id ?>,'clients')">                <i class="icon-remove-sign icon-white"></i>            </a>        </td>    </tr><?php endforeach  ?>

that's actually the view. So when the user click on the delete button (thr one with the btn-danger class) I'd like him to confirm his choice with a javascript confirmation box message. You can find that script in the header

function ConfirmMessage(type, id, types) {    if (confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this ",type," ?")) { // Clic sur OK       document.location.href='<?php echo site_url(); ?>',types,'/delete/',id;    }}

So here is my question:

I would like the $type to be replaced by a paramenter (like client, article, post .. ) that I'll pass to the function. And i would like to get the $client->id parameter as well.
I'm bad in javascript and as you already have guess, It is obviously not working at all.

Best Solution

Concatenate strings in JavaScript with + (versus . in PHP):

confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this " + type + " ?");