Javascript – get all child element of a form in J.S

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how can i get all child element(like radio,checkbox,select,text,…) within a form and make them blank using javascript. My form has many other elements like table,div etc. but i dont want to changes on these other element.

Any suitable idea to get these child element(form element) through the form name(frmlist) or form id(frmlist) and make them blank. Actually i have no idea previously that how many elements are there in form and what are the names/ids of these element.

Thanks a lot…

Best Solution

Try something like this:

Example Form:

<form name="data_entry" action="#">    Company Name: <input type="text" name="company_name">    Select Business Type: <input type="radio" name="business_category" value="1"> Manufacturer    <input type="radio" name="business_category" value="2"> Whole Sale Supplier    <input type="radio" name="business_category" value="3"> Retailer    <input type="radio" name="business_category" value="4"> Service Provider    Email Address: <input type="text" size="30" name="email">    Keep Information Private: <input type="checkbox" name="privacy">    <input type="button" name="reset_form" value="Reset Form" onclick="this.form.reset();">    <input type="button" name="clear" value="Clear Form" onclick="clearForm(this.form);"></form>

Example Javascript:

for (i = 0; i < frm_elements.length; i++) {    field_type = frm_elements[i].type.toLowerCase();    switch (field_type) {    case "text":    case "password":    case "textarea":    case "hidden":        frm_elements[i].value = "";        break;    case "radio":    case "checkbox":        if (frm_elements[i].checked) {            frm_elements[i].checked = false;        }        break;    case "select-one":    case "select-multi":        frm_elements[i].selectedIndex = -1;        break;    default:        break;    }}

From Using Javascript to Reset or Clear Form.