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I've been working on this for a few days, and have made some (though very little) progress in getting my scripts to work in IE.

FF & Chrome are flawless. Both IE7&8 completely shut-down when running my script.
The only error I get is when I first load-up the page, and i get a warning that their is an error in the main jquery.min.js page which is being loaded from google.
I've tried a few different jquery.js, but they all show the same error.

I've put up the page at this address

The error launches on loading the page, but to get it REALLY to fail, enter a location in the search bar, and then select a result.

I've tried pulling out portions of the script which causes this (jQuery('').click), and even replaced that entire function(?) with just an alert, and it STILL shutdown IE.

How do you debug something like this?
I'm using debug bar & microsoft scrip debugger, but as they both show the error being in the main jquery file, it isn't very helpful (i'm quite sure jquery isn't the problem, it must be in my script).

I'm completely lost. Please help…

UPDATE —————————————————————————

I've managed to track this down to an issue with swfObject and specifically loading the flash vars.

Unfortunately no resolution yet.
The player URL loads fine,

but adding in the flashvars is what completely kills IE
flashvars u


The code I'm using for the swfObject is

params={                            flashvars: vars                            };                    flashvars={};                swfobject.embedSWF(swfUrl, 'player', '360', '240', '9.0', flashvars, params);

2nd Update ————————————————————–

to resolve this, I've just stuck the swf into an iframe in IE only. Loads that way without errors, but would be nice to do it all in swfObject.

Best Solution

The easiest way is...

  1. Install Script Editor from Office
  2. Enable Debugging in Internet Options / Advanced
  3. Internet Explorer → View / Script Debugger / Open