Javascript – Angular is automatically adding ‘ng-invalid’ class on ‘required’ fields

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I am building an angular app for which I have some forms set up.
I have some fields that are required to be filled before submission. Therefore I have added 'required' on them:

<input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Test" ng-model="data.test" required>

However when I launch my app, the fields are displayed as 'invalid' and the classes 'ng-invalid' and 'ng-invalid-required' even before the submit button has been click or before the user has typed anything in the fields.

How can I make sure that thoses 2 classes are not added immediately but either once the user has submitted the form or when he has typed something wrong in the corresponding field?

Best Solution

Since the inputs are empty and therefore invalid when instantiated, Angular correctly adds the ng-invalid class.

A CSS rule you might try: {  color: red}

Which basically states when the field has had something entered into it at some point since the page loaded and wasn't reset to pristine by $scope.formName.setPristine(true) and something wasn't yet entered and it's invalid then the text turns red.

Other useful classes for Angular forms (see input for future reference )

ng-valid-maxlength - when ng-maxlength passes
ng-valid-minlength - when ng-minlength passes
ng-valid-pattern - when ng-pattern passes
ng-dirty - when the form has had something entered since the form loaded
ng-pristine - when the form input has had nothing inserted since loaded (or it was reset via setPristine(true) on the form)
ng-invalid - when any validation fails (required, minlength, custom ones, etc)

Likewise there is also ng-invalid-<name> for all these patterns and any custom ones created.