Java – “The specified Tomcat installation directory does not exist” after reinstalling system

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I just reinstall my windows7 system, and now my project in eclipse can not run on the local Tomcat Server.

I have the error when I try to start the server.

The specified Tomcat installation directory does not exist.

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How can I change the director of tomcat to run. For some reason, my disk E where install tomcat now becomes disk D. This mess up in eclipse.

Best Solution

I guess your workspace still remembers paths relative the drive E that no longer work now because it has become D.

You could just go in eclipse into

Window > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environment 

remove the broken server and re-add it. Right click on your project to run on server and choose the newly created one.

However, since you have installed stuff on E which now is D you might run into other problems, therefore I would suggest relabeling the drive, to do so please go to:

Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

Then click on Disk Management under Storage. Right click on the partition now labeled D and choose Change Drive Letter and Path... and apply the changes you need, i.e relabel it with E.