Java – Liquibase inserting into BIT column, MySQL, data too long for column

java, liquibase

In Liquibase, I define a table with a column of type BIT(1)

<changeSet author="foobar" id="create-configuration-table">    <createTable tableName="configuration">        <column autoIncrement="true" name="id" type="BIGINT(19)">            <constraints primaryKey="true" />        </column>        <column name="active" type="BIT(1)" />        <column name="version" type="INT(10)" />    </createTable></changeSet>

In the subsequent changeset, I want to insert data into this table, however, when inserting data into the 'active' column of type BIT(1), MySQL complains 'Data truncation: Data too long for column'

I have tried:

<insert>   <column name="active" value="1" type="BIT(1)" /></insert>


<insert>   <column name="active" value="1"/></insert>


<insert>   <column name="active" value="TRUE" type="BOOLEAN"/></insert>

What is the correct way to insert into a BIT(1) column?

Best Solution

Answering my own question as I figured this out right after I posted it. To insert into a BIT(1) column, you need to define the value as valueBoolean

<insert>   <column name="active" valueBoolean="true"/></insert>