Java – Get a listing of all currently loaded classes in a given JVM instance

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It'd be handy to know which classes are currently loaded by a given JVM instance.

Is there some way to get them through JVisualVM, for instance?

Edit: I'm aware of the solution given @ Java – Get a list of all Classes loaded in the JVM, yet I'd like to know if there's a way to do that through JVisualVM or some other tool. At the moment I'm working against a RCP application, and I'd prefer to not having to run the application through the java tool (I'm lazy, yes).

Best Solution

Did you try jconsole?

Jconsole should be able to display list of loaded classes, see jConsole Documentation.

See the Viewing Overview Information section, the screenshot shows number of loaded classes. Plus, you can see a tab called Classes, this is where the class loading info is.