Java Double to String conversion without formatting

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I have the number 654987. Its an ID in a database. I want to convert it to a string.
The regular Double.ToString(value) makes it into scientific form, 6.54987E5. Something I dont want.

Other formatting functions Ive found checks the current locale and adds appropriate thousand separators and such. Since its an ID, I cant accept any formatting at all.

How to do it?

[Edit] To clarify: Im working on a special database that treats all numeric columns as doubles. Double is the only (numeric) type I can retrieve from the database.

Best Solution

Use a fixed NumberFormat (specifically a DecimalFormat):

double value = getValue();String str = new DecimalFormat("#").format(value);

alternatively simply cast to int (or long if the range of values it too big):

String str = String.valueOf((long) value);

But then again: why do you have an integer value (i.e. a "whole" number) in a double variable in the first place?