Ios – This app is not compatible with this device iOS


enter image description hereWhen I update my iOS version from 9.3 to 9.3.1, then go to app store to install the app we get popup this app is not compatible with this device. Below is my screen shot.

enter image description here

Best Solution

Set NO in Build Active Architectures Only Release configuration inside Build Settings.


Here is an explanation why you need to set it as NO.

Setting this option to YES builds only for your device's architecture which is connected while building the app. It means if your connected device is a 64-bit device then this build will not work in iPhone 5 or older devices (32-bit).

Setting this option to NO will build a fat binary which will run on all architectures mentioned in Valid Architectures in build settings, thus allowing it to run on all devices.

Hope it clarifies your doubt. You can go ahead and release a new build with the correct setting.

JFYI you can also opt for an expedite review to make your update to get live faster. (Don't use it too much though).

Good luck!