How to declare and manipulate an array of Strings in 8086 assembly language

assembly, emu8086, x86-16

I am working in emu8086 version 4.08. I have to make a student database. So, if I want to store a list of names or ID in an array of strings how can I do it? or is there any other way? Thanks in advance.

Here is the code I am trying:

include '' .model small.stack 100h  .data    str2 dw 20 dup('$').code     mov ax,@data  mov ds,axmain proc  mov si,0  mov str2[si],"student1$"  add si,1    mov str2[si],"student2$"  add si,1  mov str2[si],"student3$"  add si,1  mov str2[si],"student4$"mov ah,4ch int 21h               endp main DEFINE_SCAN_NUMDEFINE_PRINT_STRINGDEFINE_PRINT_NUMDEFINE_PRINT_NUM_UNS  DEFINE_PTHIS

Best Solution

mov str2[si],"student1$"

You're wrong in what SI stands for. You think that it is an index in the array, but is is not. In assembly language it is an offset in memory (measured in bytes).

The string "student1$" has 9 characters and so you must provide room to store all of those characters, 1 byte per character. Furthermore you can't assign the complete string in one go. You'll have to use a loop for that.

First change the definition of the array and store the name in a tempory location:

str2 db 4*10 dup(0)sname db "student1$"

This will give room for storing 4 student names of 9 characters plus an extra terminating character (if wanted).

Next use a loop to write a student name:

 mov di, offset str2 mov si, offset snameMore: mov al, [si] mov [di], al inc si inc di cmp al, "$" jne More

For the next student the name will have to be written to str2 + 10