How to control PhantomJS to skip download some kind of resource


phantomjs has config loadImage,

but I want more,

how can I control phantomjs to skip download some kind of resource,

such as css etc…


good news:
this feature is added.

The gist:

page.onResourceRequested = function(requestData, request) {    if ((/http:\/\/.+?\.css/gi).test(requestData['url']) || requestData['Content-Type'] == 'text/css') {        console.log('The url of the request is matching. Aborting: ' + requestData['url']);        request.abort();    }};

Best Solution

UPDATED, Working!

Since PhantomJS 1.9, the existing answer didn't work. You must use this code:

var webPage = require('webpage');var page = webPage.create();page.onResourceRequested = function(requestData, networkRequest) {  var match = requestData.url.match(/wordfamily.js/g);  if (match != null) {    console.log('Request (#' + + '): ' + JSON.stringify(requestData));    networkRequest.cancel(); // or .abort()   }};

If you use abort() instead of cancel(), it will trigger onResourceError.

You can look at the PhantomJS docs