“Groovy:unable to resolve class …” (import error in LoginController.groovy)

grails, spring-security

I am trying to use the ":spring-security-core:2.0-RC2" (using Grails version 2.3.1), but have my own LoginController.groovy. Following Burt's notes (here and here), I copied the LoginController.groovy from the original location at "myapp\target\work\plugins\spring-security-core-2.0-RC2\grails-app\controllers\grails\plugin\springsecurity" to my project location at "myapp\grails-app\controllers\com\company". Now I get a bunch of import error messages like "Groovy:unable to resolve class …" (I have attached am image below showing all the imports giving errors). How do I take care of these errors?

Sorry if this is a trivial question (still getting used to Grails), and thank you for the help!

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Best Solution

It looks like GGTS/STS isn't entirely aware that the plugin is installed, since those classes are from the two jars that the plugin depends on. Try right-clicking the project node in the tree and running Grails Tools > Refresh Dependencies. If that's not enough, run Project | Clean to force a full recompile.