Facebook – Wifi Hotspot that requires a Facebook ‘Like’ to connect?

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I'm setting up a free Wifi hotspot that guests can use. I would like them to have to 'Like' the company's Facebook page to get Wifi access. Facebook DOES provide "Check in to use Wifi", but since we are not a shop/restaurant etc. I would like for the user to "like" the page instead. I know that this question has been asked on SO a couple of times, but there seems to be no solution yet. I know there are companies that provide this service for really high charges, so it is possible, but since I'm a web dev, I would like to do it myself! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best Solution

This "like-gating" via the SignedRequest functionality will stop working on November 6th 2014, as stated in the official docs at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelog#v2_1_90_day_deprecations

The 'liked' property will no longer be returned in the 'signed_request' object for Page Tab apps created after today. From November 5, 2014 onwards, the 'liked' property will always return 'true' regardless of whether or not the person has liked the page.