Excel – VLOOKUP and Interpolating

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I am trying to check a table for specific data and if i found the data it will display the data. I did that with VLOOKUP. But now if the data is not in the table i want to interpolate between two sets of data. But i have no idea how to do it.

So what i want to archieve is something that check if a number is in the table and if its not it needs to interpolate.


2,50           45232,52           46872,54           4790

I want: 2,50
Display: 4523

I want: 2,51 (It isnt there i want to interpolate (4687+4523)/2)

Display: the interpolated number


Vlookup formula:


EXCEL Screenshot

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Best Solution

IFERROR can pass processing to another formula if the VLOOKUP fails. If the lookup values (2,50; 2,52; 2,54) are true numbers in ascending order then MATCH with 1 as the range_lookup parameter will retrieve the row number of the lower value. Use OFFSET to achieve a range for AVERAGE.


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