Excel VBA: getting row of clicked button

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I am trying to make a button in Excel which copies a certain range of cells from the active workbook to another workbook. The copying of this range works perfectly when I specify a fixed range, but I am stumped on how to figure out the row of the clicked button.

Every row contains 7 or so cells, and the 8th cell contains a shape with a macro attached to it (the button).
When the user presses this button the 7 cells on the same row as the row containing the pressed button need to be copied.

Using ActiveCell is of no use, since pressing the button doesn't actually set that cell as active. I searched around a lot but I can't seem to find how to obtain this value.
Once I have the row number of the clicked button I can figure the rest out on my own.

Best Solution

Each Shape has TopLeftCell property. It contains a cell within which the top left corner of the shape resides.