Escaping characters for substitution into a PDF

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Can anyone tell me the set of control characters for a PDF file, and how to escape them? I have a (non-deflated (inflated?)) PDF document that I would like to edit the text in, but I'm afraid of accidentally making some control sequence using parentheses and stuff.


Best Solution

Okay, I think I found it. On page 15 of the PDF 1.7 spec (PDF link), it appears that the only characters I need to worry about are the parentheses and the backslash.

Sequence | Meaning---------------------------------------------\n       | LINE FEED (0Ah) (LF)\r       | CARRIAGE RETURN (0Dh) (CR) \t       | HORIZONTAL TAB (09h) (HT)\b       | BACKSPACE (08h) (BS)\f       | FORM FEED (FF)\(       | LEFT PARENTHESIS (28h)\)       | RIGHT PARENTHESIS (29h)\\       | REVERSE SOLIDUS (5Ch) (Backslash)\ddd     | Character code ddd (octal)

Hopefully this was helpful to someone.