Dropbox Access Token Expiry

dropbox, dropbox-api

What is the lifetime for an Access Token acquired through the Dropbox oAuth2 APIs?

The answer after the https://api.dropbox.com/1/oauth2/token was something like

{    "access_token": "fHUlx32x494RmgTlxWiF6pLzd5q1Lg4Itt7I6itVYDIDT",    "token_type": "bearer",    "uid": "17233223324"}

But there's no mention of when the AT expires. If ever.

Best Solution

It effectively never expires. But users can invalidate tokens by unlinking an app. (In the case of an App folder app, they can delete the app folder from their Dropbox. For all apps, they can unlink the app on dropbox.com.)