Delphi 6 and Indy SSL connection not working

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I need to consume a Web Service via SSL. In order to accomplish that I have built a web client in Delphi 6 that uses Indy to read the client certificates and write the soap request via https. The compilated version of the code is a DLL that runs in IIS 5.0. After tested the code in my local machine it works fine (I'm behind a proxy). But after the code is deployed to prod servers (not proxy) the SSL connection fails saying "Error connecting with SSL".

Here is my code:

var  Response: TStringStream;  IdHttp: TIdHTTP;  IdCnxSLL: TIdConnectionInterceptOpenSSL;  XmlSoapDoc: IXMLDocument;begin  Response := TStringStream.Create('');  IdHttp := TIdHTTP.Create(nil);  IdCnxSLL := TIdConnectionInterceptOpenSSL.Create(nil);  XmlSoapDoc := TXMLDocument.Create(nil);  with IdCnxSLL do   begin    IdCnxSLL.SSLOptions.Method := sslvSSLv23;    IdCnxSLL.SSLOptions.RootCertFile := IniHttpConnectionData.Values['RootCertFile'];    IdCnxSLL.SSLOptions.CertFile := IniHttpConnectionData.Values['CertFile'];    IdCnxSLL.SSLOptions.KeyFile := IniHttpConnectionData.Values['KeyFile'];    IdCnxSLL.OnGetPassword :=  IdConInterceptOpenSSLGetPassword;  end;  with IdHttp do  begin    if bUseProxy then    begin       Request.ProxyServer := IniHttpConnectionData.Values['ProxyServer'];       Request.ProxyPort := StrToIntDef(IniHttpConnectionData.Values['ProxyPort'], 0);    end    else    begin       Host := IniHttpConnectionData.Values['HTTPHost'];       Port := StrToIntDef(IniHttpConnectionData.Values['HTTPPort'], 443);    end;    Request.ContentType := 'text/xml';    Intercept := IdCnxSLL;    InterceptEnabled := True;  end;  try    IdHttp.Post(ServiceURL, SoapEnv, Response);  except    on E:EIdOSSLConnectError do       LogError('SSL Connect Error: ' + E.Message);    on E:Exception do      LogError('Error' + E.ClassName + ' - ' + E.Message);  end;

I also try this code compiling into an exe program and it works. Is there something else I need to configure/add?


Best Solution

The fact that you are using TIdConnectionInterceptOpenSSL tells me that you are using a VERY old version of Indy. I am guessing Indy 8, which shipped with D6. Indy 8 and earlier are no longer officially supported by the Indy development team (which I am a member of). You really should upgrade to Indy 9, if not to Indy 10. In Indy 9, TIdConnectionInterceptOpenSSL was replaced with a new TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket component. Also, Indy 9 and earlier required custom-made OpenSSL DLLs, which may be contributing to your error as well, if you are using the wrong DLLs for your version of Indy. Indy 10, on the other hand, uses the standard DLLs from OpenSSL's website now.