Css – Scrollbar hidden in IE6 (css issue)

css, internet-explorer-6, scrollbar

I'm not a CSS guru and I'm seeking your help.

The following site www.jomea.com does not work properly in IE6. You cannot scroll down the page and it gets cut off.

The web designer who worked on the html/css cannot fix and has been wasting my time for the past couple of months.

style sheet for default page: ~/styles/jomea.css
style sheet for other page: ~/styles/jomea2.css

If anyone can figure out the problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Solution

here's one potential issue in ~/styles/jomea.css

ul.sponsored-results li ul { width:900px; margin-left:20px; overflow:hidden; }

Overflow is hidden on this item, not sure if this is the problem item but you could experiment with this property.

here's a couple potential issues in ~/styles/jomea2.css

#maincontainer {    min-height:100%;    height:auto !important;    height:100%;    position:relative;    overflow:hidden;    min-width:998px !important;}.content {width:570px; height:105px; overflow:hidden; padding:0 20px; text-align:left; color:#a0cb38; background:url(../images/faqs-bg.gif) no-repeat; }