Change tooltip background color in VS2015


In VS2015 I have the Color Theme Editor extension installed and I'm using the Dark with Light Editor theme.

The hover tooltips are mostly unreadable as the tooltip background is too dark.


I've tried changing settings in Tools → Options → Environment → Fonts and Colors, but couldn't find anything to make the signature just plain white. I've also tried cloning the theme through the theme editor and customizing the settings, but I don't know what settings would be responsible for this.

Does anyone know how to make this readable?

Best Solution

You can change the tooltip background color like this (do not requires Color Theme Editor extension):

  1. Tools > Options...
  2. Environment > Fonts and Colors
  3. Show settings for: Environment
  4. Display items: ToolTip
  5. Select color from Item background dropdown or click Custom button

Look of *Options* dialog with selected ToolTip item