C# – Where to find the Telegram Api Key

c++, telegram, telegram-api

I am trying to find the Api Key for Telegram but I cannot find it. Where do I find it on the website? If I use the Api Id, I get the error Incorrect Token Format in the C# Console Application.

Best Solution

Like ihoru mentioned in his answer, you can find all of your bots relevant information in BotFather.

So navigate to @BotFather in Telegram. If you have not yet created a bot do so by entering /newbotand follow the instructions on screen. You should get your key at the end of the process.

But now let's assume you already have a bot and can't find the key anymore. Again, go to @BotFather but this time enter /mybots. You should see something like this:

Image of /mybots result in telegram

Click/Touch whatever bot you would like your API key for, then you should see this:

telegram botfather showing API key button

Click the API Key button and tadaa there is your key:

botfather displaying api key