C# – MySqlConversionException when accessing DateTime field from DataReader

c++, datetime, idatareader, mysql

I have a C# application over MySql, using MySQL Connector; I'm trying to make a
DataReader request, the query executes fine, however, when trying to access a DateTime field, i'm getting MySqlConversionException {"Unable to convert MySQL date/time value to System.DateTime"}

this is the prototype

if (dr != null && !dr.Read()) return;sesion.Id = Convert.ToInt32(dr["id"]);sesion.Usuario = Convert.ToInt32(dr["usuario"]);sesion.Estado = Convert.ToByte(dr["estado"]);// doesn't worksesion.FchCreacion = Convert.ToDateTime(dr["fch_creacion"]);

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Best Solution

This error sometimes occurs if you have zero datetime values in your MySQL database (00/00/0000 00:00). Try adding this to the end of your connection string:

Allow Zero Datetime=true