C# – FluentNHibernate Lookup Table

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This is possibly an easy one that I can't seem to get past.

I've created a "Product" class which has a list of "Accessories". Each "Accessory" is just another product referenced by a lookup table.

Table setup:

Product-------ProductID intName varchar(200)AccessoryProduct----------------ID intParentProductID intChildProductID int

I'd like to be able to access this list of accessories in a manner such as:

foreach(Product p in product.Accessories) string s = p.Name;

The part I'm stumped on is the FluentNHibernate mapping for this lookup. Within my ProductMap class, I have the following mapping:

Id(x => x.ProductID);Map(x => x.Name);HasMany(x => x.Accessories) .Table("AccessoryProduct") .KeyColumn("ParentProductID") .Cascade.None() .Inverse() .LazyLoad();

This is currently creating a query that looks for "ParentProductID" within the Product table instead of the lookup table(AccessoryProduct).

Is there a simple method I'm missing that allows for a fluent mapping of a lookup table?

Any assistance is appreciated, even if it involves the xml mapping. I should be able to figure out the fluent side.

Best Solution

You need a Many-to-Many relationship.


 HasManyToMany(x => x.Accessories) .Table("AccessoryProduct") .ParentKeyColumn("ParentProductID") .ChildKeyColumn("ChildProductID") .Cascade.None() .Inverse() .LazyLoad();