C# – Develop a similar to Microsoft’s 5 star developer exam soft? (Quiz Engine)

architecture, asp.net, c++, frameworks

I have a project where I have to make an asp.net application similar to the Microsoft's 5 star developer exam. I mean there should be many questions with many options, some questions have just one correct answer and some others have many correct answers. And time controlled. Obviously a DB where to store everything and keep historical data.

Is there something already made on FWK 3.5 C# free out there? Is there any framework already made for this, I need to speed up the project time so if there is something already made that I can use for my project?

Best Solution

You obviously are working in the MS frame so have you looked at Semblio? It a new(ish) MS product for building interactive course material. It appears to integrate with .net etc. Comes as an SDK with prebuilt templates etc.semblio