C# – Debug C# web service

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I have a web service project and simple test application. I can debug the web service from Visual Studio 2008. However, there exist a real client application, but it is on another machine. ASP.NET Development Server does not allow connections if they are not from localhost, or so it seems. Is there a way to debug a web service, if client application is on another machine?


The tool that I used is Trace Utility from Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. Further explanation can be found here (works on XP; see continuation story for Windows 7 solution). There was problem with it though. My remote client fetches the WSDL first, and then creates URL based on values in soap tags found at the end of WSDL. So client gets redirected to localhost, which is not good.

I found my problem though, but I'll leave the question open until I find the time to try debugging via IIS.

Best Solution

Install a virtual directory into the IIS on your local machine. If you don't have IIS, install it. Once IIS is installed and configured on your local machine, you should be able to use either the IP or create a dns alias for that IP to access the web service that way.