Azure DTU Calculation

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We have some DB instances on Azure, I am trying to optimize DB Performance on Azure. Can any explain what is Azure DTU & How can we calculate Azure DTU ?

Best Solution

1.What is Azure DTU:

Azure SQL Database provides two purchasing models: vCore-based purchasing model and DTU-based purchasing model.

DTU-based purchasing model is based on a bundled measure of compute, storage, and IO resources. Compute sizes are expressed in terms of Database.Transaction Units (DTUs) for single databases and elastic Database Transaction Units (eDTUs) for elastic pools.

The Database Transaction Unit (DTU) represents a blended measure of CPU, memory, reads, and writes. The DTU-based purchasing model offers a set of preconfigured bundles of compute resources and included storage to drive different levels of application performance: Basic, Standard and Premium.

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2.How to optimize DB Performance:

Since your DB instances are already on Azure, you can monitor your DB instances and improve your DB Performance with Azure Portal by troubleshot or change the service tiers. Please see: Monitoring and performance tuning:

3.How to calculate Azure DTU:

Here is a link about Azure SQL Database DTU Calculator.This calculator will help us determine the number of DTUs for our existing SQL Server database(s) as well as a recommendation of the minimum performance level and service tier that we need before we migrate to Azure SQL Database.If you still keep the database backup file, i think you can try this calculator.

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