Angular – How does Angular handle XSS or CSRF

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How does Angular (2) handle XSS and CSRF. Does it even handle these attacks?
If so, what do I have to do to use this protection? If not, do I have to handle all these attacks in my server, or somehow with TypeScript in the frontend?

I have read that you have to use "withCredentials: true", but I'm not quite sure where to put this code or if it is even that, what I'm looking for.

In the webpage I didn't find anything about this (or I just missed it).

Best Solution

Angular2 provides built-in, enabled by default*, anti XSS and CSRF/XSRF protection.

The DomSanitizationService takes care of removing the dangerous bits in order to prevent an XSS attack.

The CookieXSRFStrategy class (within the XHRConnection class) takes care of preventing CSRF/XSRF attacks.

*Note that the CSRF/XSRF protection is enabled by default on the client but only works if the backend sets a cookie named XSRF-TOKEN with a random value when the user authenticates. For more information read up about the Cookie-to-Header Token pattern.

UPDATE: Official Angular2 security documentation: (Thanks to Martin Probst for the edit suggestion!).