Android – How to programmatically select RadioButton in an activity

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In my project, I get the value of the gender from the database as 0 and 1.
0 for male and 1 for female.
Based on this values, I need to check the corresponding RadioButton in a RadioGroup.
If 0 is pressed, radio0 will be checked or radio1 will be checked.
I don't know how to check the radio button based on this string values…
This is the code I tried:

      String gendd=ViewProfileActivity.participantview.get(4);      System.out.println("Gender:::::"+gendd);      male=(RadioButton)findViewById(;       female=(RadioButton)findViewById(;       if(gendd.equals("0")){           male.setSelected(true);           female.setSelected(false);       }       else           {           male.setSelected(false);           female.setSelected(true);           }

But it fails. Can anyone help me?

Best Solution

Try this.

   if(gendd.contains("0"))    {       male.setChecked(true);       female.setChecked(false);   }   else   {       male.setChecked(false);       female.setChecked(true);  }